Brisk Air II Air Conditioner


Land N Sea

The Brisk II uses its smart design, tighter specification allowances and improved materials to maximize air flow and perfomance. This newest RV A/C unit offers a 15% air flow increase and is 19% lighter than previous models, making it the smallest rooftop air conditioning unit available.
Non-ducted models are available with ceiling-mounted air distribution box (ADB). Ducted models can be controlled with the Single Zone LCD thermostat or Comfort Control Center II

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • High-perfomance motor and fan

  • EPP foam housing reduces weight and increases cooling performance

  • Tighter tolerances for improved fit and finish between shroud and evaporator cover

  • Press fit evaporator cover eliminates fasteners for improved service access

  • Custom composite Korad shroud is laminated to provide UV protection

  • 3″ deep-drawn G 90 carbon steel base pan with powder-coated finish for durability