Bluetooth® Adapter

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Land N Sea

This compact accessory plugs into the rear RCA auxiliary inputs of any compatible radio and gives you the ability to enjoy Bluetooth® audio streaming. Supply power and ground to the MIL-BTREC, pair it up with your iPhone®, Android smartphone or other Bluetooth®-enabled music player, and get set to stream music. It’s an instant upgrade, without the trouble and expense of buying a new receiver. The MIL-BTREC Bluetooth adapter is a great solution for your boat, your “weekend” car or truck, or a variety of other 12-volt applications. With the right adapters, you can even connect it to a home stereo with an RCA or mini-jack AUX input. Warranty 1 year.
If you want to connect this to the front mini-jack input on your car stereo, you’ll need a stereo mini-to-RCA cable, and two female-to-female RCA barrel adapters.