The Solo Skiff is essentially a kayak on steroids. This is a 2016 Solo Skiff and is 14ft in length and is very stable with a 41-inch width. Can take up to a 5hp outboard, which will push it 18+ mph with a 200 lb. passenger in 3-inches of water. The boat features a rotomolded polyethelyne design and is extremely durable and bouyant, the inside of the hull is sprayed with high-grade marine foam that improves bouyancy and allows for a quieter ride in the shallows. We also carry new Mercury outboards with 3-year warranties as well as trailers and accessories to meet and exceed all of your Solo Skiff wants and needs. Forget paddling- get a SOLO SKIFF!

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Vin: SOK00318D616

PRICING: SKIFF-$1975.00 MERCURY 5HP-$1775.00 TRAILER-$599.00Solo Skiff, 14ft, Up too a 5 hp motor,