What do you get when you combine a fishing kayak, SUP, and a power boat in one. . .you get the Solo Skiff, a motorized kayak on steroids.. with more ways to fish that you can imagine, more dry storage than any kayak, and even a built in cooler (that can also be used as a livewell/dry storage) . . .yes — that’s Solo Skiff, read on. . . Solo Skiff gives you the power to do what you want, where you want, when you want. Power your way out and back, in a design that is the safest one man boat made. A fishing boat that goes anywhere — yeup. . . From its ability to float in mere inches of water to its ability to punch through a wave, it is simply the most versatile fishing boat on the planet. Take it bass fishing or fishing off the beach — in a Solo Skiff, the world is truly your fishing hole. Like a kayak, a Solo skiff moves through the water effortlessly- it can be paddled sitting,or standing — however, there is a big difference — With a Solo Skiff you power your way out, and power your way home! No fatigue, and no issues with wind and current getting home, so you’ll get increased trip range, more fishing versatility, equal more places to fish. You also spend less time getting there, and more time fishing ,Solo Skiff gives you the power to do more with less time, so its versatility, anyway you look at it. When it comes to fishing, Solo Skiff is a machine. This is what Solo Skiff is about- fishing. Fishing is where you learn what the Solo is really about.

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